Hoole Food Market Chester Veg Box Delivery
23 Faulkner St. Hoole, Chester CH2 3BD

HFM Foodservice

Foodservice and Wholesale Supply

At Hoole Food Market we offer an unbeatable service to the Restaurants, Hotels and Caterers of Chester. We offer the very finest produce, sourced every morning at 4am, from our best markets, local producers and suppliers. Your order will be fulfilled from start to finish by Jason, who meticulously scrutinises the quality of every case of produce he selects for your business. Jason really understands the needs of Chefs, Restaurateurs, Caterers and Hoteliers, both from a quality and price perspective, having spent more than fifteen years in the catering industry himself as a Chef and as a Restaurateur, as well as nearly ten years in the food retail business.

We offer flexible payment terms that can best match the needs of your business, with a daily market price to suit your menu and foodservice requirements.

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Daily Market Price

Our in depth knowledge of seasonality and what produce is priced best at any given time will provide you with everything you need to pass the best savings on to your customers and increase your own competitive advantage.


We offer our Foodservice to an exclusive group of independent businesses in Chester and within a five mile radius of Hoole. This allows us to meet the requirements that you have exactly. Whether you’d like your order to arrive at 7am, 1pm or any time in between, we have delivery time slots that will be met daily to help guarantee the efficiency of your workforce and the freshness of your produce. Delivery is free and will be delivered the following day providing the order is placed by midnight. If you have a busy lunch service or forget to order a certain item, if we are in stock of that item in the shop, we can usually get it to you within the hour as our vans will be in the area making deliveries of our HFM Veg Boxes. We offer a truly local and personalised service that will help your business with it’s profitability and environmental credentials.

Get In Touch

If you would like to take advantage of the benefits that Hoole Food Market can offer your business, please get in touch here, or via any of the social media feeds below, then we’ll be able to help you maximise your profits while also providing the very best quality produce to your customers.